Introduction. The name of each listed species is followed by up to five sources that report the species as occurring in Michigan. Sources in all upper-case letters refer to specific insect collections: MSU-ARC refers to material held by the Michigan State University Arthropod Research Collection (data provided by G. Parsons). All others refer to collection data extracted from the Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN) database online at  See the Methods page for a list of abbreviations and associated collections.

Species names preceded by a single '?' are considered probable (for occurring in Michigan) but uncertain records. Those preceded by '??' are considered possible but unlikely to occur in Michigan. Species that are fully accepted as having valid Michigan records are unmarked.  Species reported in the literature that we consider to be erroneous Michigan records are in a separate list following the others.


5 subfamilies, 4 tribes, 9 genera, 37 species

Subfamily Attageninae

Tribe Attagenini

??Attagenus bicolor Harold, 1868: FMNH:FMNHINS       

Attagenus brunneus Faldermann, 1835: Beal (2003), MSU-ARC      

Attagenus lobatus Rosenhauer, 1856: Beal (2003)      

Attagenus pellio (Linnaeus, 1758): Klimaszewski et al. (2017), Leng (1920), Hubbard and Schwarz (1878)      

Attagenus unicolor japonicus Reitter, 1877: Beal (2003)      

Attagenus unicolor unicolor (Brahm, 1791): Beal (2003), Ruppel (1977), Hubbard and Schwarz (1878), MSU-ARC      

Subfamily Dermestinae

Tribe Dermestini

Dermestes ater DeGeer, 1774: Beal (2003), MSU-ARC      

Dermestes caninus Germar, 1824: Beal (2003), Downie and Arnett (1996), Hubbard and Schwarz (1878), MSU-ARC      

Dermestes fasciatus LeConte, 1854: Beal (2003)      

Dermestes frischi Kugelann, 1792: Beal (2003), MSU-ARC      

Dermestes haemorrhoidalis Küster, 1852: Háva (2015)      

Dermestes lardarius Linnaeus, 1758: Beal (2003), Andrews (1923), Hubbard and Schwarz (1878), MSU-ARC      

Dermestes maculatus DeGeer, 1774: Beal (2003), Hatch (1924), MSU-ARC      

?Dermestes pulcher LeConte, 1854: Townsend (1889); reported from NH, PA, IL & WI; MI record needs confirmation.

Dermestes talpinus Mannerheim, 1843: Ruesink and Parsons (2022), Hubbard and Schwarz (1878), MSU-ARC; ID of MSU-ARC specimens verified by WGR, according to Beal (2003) "It probably extends along northern tier of states, possibly to the Atlantic. The distribution needs reexamination, for it is commonly confused with D. undulatus."

?Dermestes undulatus Brahm, 1790: MSU-ARC; two Detroit specimens coll. by Brivio in 1979, ID accepted with some doubt; ON in Beal 2003

Subfamily Megatominae

Tribe Anthrenini

Anthrenus castaneae Melsheimer, 1844: Beal (1998), Andrews (1916), MSU-ARC      

Anthrenus coloratus Reitter, 1881: Beal (2003), MSU-ARC      

Anthrenus flavipes LeConte, 1854: Beal (2003)      

Anthrenus fuscus Olivier, 1789: Beal (2003), TAMU:TAMUIC, MSU-ARC      

?Anthrenus museorum (Linnaeus, 1761): Andrews (1923), Hubbard and Schwarz (1878), MSU-ARC; specimens in MSU-ARC may be A. castaneae

Anthrenus scrophulariae (Linnaeus, 1758): Beal (2003), BugGuide, MSU-ARC      

Anthrenus thoracicus Melsheimer, 1844: Beal (2003), Hubbard and Schwarz (1878)      

Anthrenus verbasci (Linnaeus, 1767): Beal (2003), Clampitt et al. (1996), Ruppel (1977), Hubbard and Schwarz (1878), MSU-ARC      

Cryptorhopalum haemorrhoidale (J.E. LeConte, 1824): Beal (2003), Hubbard and Schwarz (1878), FMNH:FMNHINS, MSU-ARC      

?Cryptorhopalum ruficorne LeConte, 1854: Hubbard and Schwarz (1878); reported from ON & IN, MI record needs confirmation.

Cryptorhopalum triste LeConte, 1854: Beal (2003)      

Dearthrus longulus LeConte, 1863: Beal (2003), Hubbard and Schwarz (1878)      

Reesa vespulae (Milliron, 1939): Beal (2003)      

Trogoderma glabrum (Herbst, 1783): Beal (2003), Olson et al. (2013), MSU-ARC      

Trogoderma inclusum LeConte, 1854: Beal (2003), Olson et al. (2013), MSU-ARC      

Trogoderma ornatum (Say, 1825): Beal (2003), Ruppel (1977), Hubbard and Schwarz (1878), MSU-ARC      

Trogoderma sternale Jayne, 1882: Beal (2003), Olson et al. (2013), MSU-ARC; Beal (2003) says "because of transportation by commerce and subsequent interbreeding it is increasingly difficult to assign specimens to subspecies except for specimens taken some distance from human habitations."

Trogoderma variabile Ballion, 1878: Beal (2003)      

Trogoderma versicolor (Creutzer, 1799): Ruppel (1977), MIN:UMSP    

 Subfamily Orphilinae

Orphilus ater Erichson, 1846: Beal (2003), Hubbard and Schwarz (1878), FMNH:FMNHINS, MSU-ARC      

Subfamily Trinodinae

Tribe Thylodriini

Thylodrias contractus Motschulsky, 1839: FMNH:FMNHINS, MSU-ARC, IDs of MSU-ARC specimens verified by GLP

The following species was reported from Michigan, but we consider it to be a misidentification:

Dermestes carnivorus Fabricius, 1775: Hubbard and Schwarz (1878) as Dermestes mucoreus Lec., not known from midwest or northeast

This family list was last updated: April 14, 2022