Introduction. The name of each listed species is followed by up to five sources that report the species as occurring in Michigan. Sources in all upper-case letters refer to specific insect collections: MSU-ARC refers to material held by the Michigan State University Arthropod Research Collection (data provided by G. Parsons). All others refer to collection data extracted from the Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN) database online at  See the Methods page for a list of abbreviations and associated collections.

Species names preceded by a single '?' are considered probable (for occurring in Michigan) but uncertain records.


1 subfamily, 1 genus, 1 species

Subfamily Bothriderinae

?Bothrideres geminatus (Say, 1826): Hubbard and Schwarz (1878); no modern records but known from IL, IN & ON

This family list was last updated: September 14, 2021